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Marquis Daniels Won't Be Back With Pacers

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Mike Wells reports today that the Indiana Pacers won't pick up the $7.5 million team option to keep Marquis Daniels on the roster. Quisy will now become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st.

This comes as not surprise since the that $7.5 million would've eaten into much of the reserve cash the Pacers have to fill out their roster for next season. On a personal note, I always loved the unorthodox game Quisy offered, I just wish he could've stayed healthy enough to make a consistent contribution to the team.

With Quisy's exit from town, that leaves Jamaal Tinsley as the last man standing (although I bet he's sitting right now) from the group of players who were involved in franchise-tarnishing escapades off the court a few years ago.