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Larry Bird and Tyler Hansbrough Don't Care What You Think

Both Larry Bird and Tyler Hansbrough addressed the media at Conseco Fieldhouse seperately within a stretch of about ten minutes.

Bruno has it covered here, but in listening to both deal with questions about Hansbrough game translating to the NBA and what concerns either had, it was apparent that they don't care what you or I or anyone analyzing this draft thinks.

Bird appeared worn out, like a guy who spent way too much time with a phone to his ear all day. His comments were brief and direct. He thinks Hansbrough can play right away, has a better offensive game than the doubters think and can't wait to watch him throw his body around. He wasn't trying to convince anyone he made the right pick. Hansbrough was simply Bird's pick and he's ready to move ahead with him.

For Hansbrough's part, he's used to his role as a polarizing figure on the basketball court. He too spoke directly as he blew through questions about his game and what others think. What was quickly apparent was that Hansbrough has absolutely no interest in diagnosing why people either love him or hate him, it's just how it is. Like Bird, Hansbrough didn't waste any breath defending his game as worthy of the Pacers pick. There was no doubt in his voice, just a sense of anticipation to begin showing what he can do.

Now where is the ball? Let's play.