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IC Cold Links: Happy NBA Draft Day!

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If you're cruisin' these parts then you're fully aware that the NBA Draft is tonight with the Indiana Pacers currently slated to enter the fray with the 13th pick in the first round. I will be live blogging from the Pacers Draft Party tonight and sneaking in to say hi to JMV at The Pub beforehand. Here are a few links of interest while waiting for the festivities to begin:

  • The Pacers' pick is. . .
    Mike Wells digs into the options facing Larry Bird in tonight's draft. Don' miss the draft discussion including Jeff Rabjohns on the side bar.
  • Rumors and free agent workouts
    Mike blogs about rumors of the Pacers trading down, along with information on a few names the Pacers brought in earlier this week for free agent workouts. Earl Calloway, Anthony Tolliver and Nick Fazekas were among those players.
  • Blockbuster less likely, but Bird considering deals
    Bruno offers up some trading options for the Pacers. In the end it will depend on how the draft plays out ahead of the 13th pick, but comments from Larry Bird and David Morway seem to indicate they'll be happy with the player they can take at 13.
  • Larry Bird with JMV (audio). The pair talked about the draft, roster moves for the Pacers and French Lick.
  • David Morway chats with Dan Dakich (audio) about the draft and the direction the Pacers are headed. Nice to hear Morway so excited and upbeat about what lies ahead for the team.
  • Courtney Witte talks with Dan Dakich (audio) about the NBA Draft. The former Hoosier and current Philadelphia 76ers Director of Player Personnel gets into some of the nuts and bolts of draft prep. Interesting coversation.
  • Cornrows on XL 950 (audio). Here's my chat with Derek Schultz on XL 950. This is what happens with a cell phone on the side of the road. You can hear some of my comments though. Big ups to Schultz for having me on!
  • Closer look at all the NBA movement has a trade tracker up which will should come in handy throughout the day. Refresh often.
  • Cleveland brings in Shaq to run with LeBron
    Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down the reasoning behind Cleveland's reported trade to add Shaquille O'Neal to the Cavs. Shaq's presence will certainly add some juice to the Central Division.