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Let's Get The NBA Finals Going!

I can't wait for the NBA finals to begin. Seriously, I can't wait any longer. Can we play a game already?

The NBA television ratings have been great so far, but I'll be interested to see if they continue to rise for the Finals. Naturally, with LeBron James missing the desired matchup against Kobe Bryant, the numbers won't be has high as anticipated, but Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic should make these games a must view. I know I'm holding out hope that Vegas is off and the Magic can come up big against the Lakers.

So if the ratings dip, take a look at the schedule instead of the Magic, please. All the buzz from the conference finals is long gone with three full days between the last game and the start of the finals. I don't mind that layoff so much, since both teams deserve to be fresh and fully prepared for the series.

But two full days off before game 2? Now we're talking about a lag.

The League better hope Game 1 creates plenty of drama, because dragging this series out will have casual fans tuning out. I know because I've been talking to several casually interested fans and the long playoff run is becoming anti-climactic even before the action reaches a full crescendo. Play the games, already, is what I'm hearing.

School is out and summer activities and vacations are in full swing. I have kids involved in Little League so they and their friends are as excited about watching baseball as they are basketball at this point. It just doesn't feel like basketball season even though it's prime time for the NBA.

Of course, my house is different than most, so we're primed and ready for the Finals to tip and fully hope it eats up most of our June. Yet I can't help but think that the NBA would be better served, tightening up the schedule to let the series build some momentum and energy instead of having each game stand on its own.