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IC Cold Links: Pacers In Taiwan And More NBA Draft Prep

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I'm heading out of town and out of touch for the weekend, so please employ the FanPosts or FanShots in my absence should you come across anything of note. In the mean time, here are some links of interest as the Pacers wrap up their pre-draft workouts today:

  • Pacers to play in Taiwan
    According to this report, the Indiana Pacers will play the Denver Nuggets on October 8th in Taiwan. I recall JMV mentioning rumors of the Pacers playing the Nuggs overseas, although I figured it would be in Europe. This is great exposure for the team and validates the positive direction the team has taken over the past couple of years. The NBA wants the Pacers to represent the league in a new market. Cool.
    UPDATE: Press release from
  • Mike Wells informs us through Pacers Insider
    Mike Wells caught up with Danny Granger who is in town running his hoop camp. He also has an interesting update on Josh McRoberts.
  • Kravitz: Jennings takes unusual path to NBA draft
    Bob Kravitz takes a shine to Brandon Jennings, but doesn't see the flashy PG as a good fit for the Pacers. He also reports that DeJuan Blair didn't impress some at the Fieldhouse with his workout. Hmm, counter-intel?
  • Brandon Jennings makes some plays
    This error-free compilation of Jennings highlights will raise your eyebrows.
  • NBA Draft 2009 Coverage – SB Nation style
    SB Nation has added a draft hub to gather all of the NBA Draft related posts across the network.
  • Mark Jackson is in the Minny mix
    Former Pacer PG, Mark Jackson is in the mix to fill the Minnesota Timberwolves' head coaching vacancy.