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Brandon Jennings And Eric Maynor Show Their Stuff For Pacers

Four more point guards and a couple of forwards pushed it to the limit for the Indiana Pacers today as the team closes in on completing their pre-draft workouts.

Today's group was headlined by projected first round point guards, Brandon Jennings (Italy) and Eric Maynor (VCU). The other players were point guards Shawntes Gary (Western Michigan/Elkhard, IN) and Stephen McDowell (UT-Chattanooga), small forward Josh Bostic (Findlay) and power forward Leo Lyons (Missouri).

Man, if these guys can play it as well as they can talk it, they'll all be fine jumping up to the NBA. The contrast between Jennings and Maynor is intriguing. Maynor seems like a safe, solid talent and already talks like he is ready to lead a team if called upon.

Jennings on the other hand has that twinkle in his eye. I have serious concerns about how he'll handle adversity in the long term when as a point guard he's expected to be the guiding hand for the team on the court, but the guy emits energy and excitement with his play and words. The question is: will his flashy style develop enough substance to be a consistent floor leader? With that personality he'd be a dream player for me, but I imagine he'd drive Jim O'Brien coo coo for cocoa puffs in his rookie year. Still, the upside talent would be hard to pass up if he were to fall to 13 on draft night.

If the Pacers take a point guard I wonder if they'll be able to re-sign Jarrett Jack. That would put five PGs on the roster when you include Jamaal Tinsley. If the team were to take Jennings, I would make re-signing Jack a priority just so he can keep the youngster in line and mentor him in the ways of a classy pro.

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