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Pacers Dive Deep Into NBA Draft Prospect Pool

The Indiana Pacers worked out an interesting collection of draft prospects today, including Nando De Colo, a shooting guard from France. I think here is where I'm supposed to insert the obligatory joke about De Colo's defensive ability raising concerns. Actually, the guy appears to be an intriguing young talent, although he doesn't appear ready to make a sudden impact on the NBA. Here's DC's post-workout interview.

The other second round/free agent prospects working out at the Fieldhouse today included:

  • Aaron Jackson (Duquesne) - Appears to have nice size for a PG. He's older player without huge upside but someone who would be ready to compete from day one. I'm thinking of Anthony JohnsonPost-workout interview
  • Kevin Lisch (St. Louis) - College two guard trying to convince teams he can play the point. Post-workout interview
  • Tyrese Rice (Boston College) - Big time scoring point guard for BC, but at 6'1" he'll have to do more than score in the NBA. With his shooting prowess though, it seems like he'd be a good fit with Jim O'Brien. Post-workout interview

The Pacers have brought in a lot of second round/free agent-type prospects, making sure to dig deep for any diamonds in the rough. I realize the pool of these candidates is larger than the first round prospects, but the team should be in good shape to trade down for more picks if they can find a partner.

Bruno put together a nice prospect checklist which does not include the players who were in on Wednesday. If you include today's players, the team has scrutinized seven point guards and eight power forwards at the Fieldhouse. I heard somewhere today that Eric Maynor and Brandon Jennings were among the players expected to workout either tomorrow or Friday.

Speaking of point guards, DraftExpress takes a look at the numbers to analyze the production of this year's point guard prospects. Ty Lawson looks pretty good when you compare the numbers.