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Jim O'Brien Talks Draft Prep And Summer League

Jim O'Brien talked with Kravitz & Eddie (audio link) on Thursday afternoon and shed a little light on the Pacers draft prep and summer league plans.

JOB was enthusiastic about the Orlando summer league this year because Brandon Rush, Roy Hibbert and Josh McRoberts will all take part. 

It's a great venue to improve your guys. The practices leading up to it, we go two-a-days for three days. It's very, very valuable in most cases and in our case because we're going to have two starters play every game in Hibbert and in Rush so it's a chance to maybe look at some different things and give them a chance to be with two new rookies.

As for the draft, JOB was looking forward to going to New Jersey with Larry Bird and Joe Ash for the NBA's big group workout. Sounds like the front office is already zeroing in on the options they expect to have with the 13th pick.

The way it (the draft) falls out, we probably have six guys identified that we would be happy with that maybe only three of those guys will be there at 13 and then it's just a matter of focusing in on the guy that best suits our situation.

Hmm, six guys, huh?  Who do you think is on that list? Remember, they have to be players with a chance of dropping to 13 (in other words, don't include Blake Griffin and Ricky Rubio). I'll start it off:

  1. Jonny Flynn
  2. DeJuan Blair
  3. Erick Maynor
  4. Terrence Williams
  5. Brandon Jennings
  6. James Johnson