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Pacers Set To Workout A Few More Prospects

Mike Wells informs us that former Pike and IU player, Robert Vaden (now from UAB) is among six players set to workout for the Indiana Pacers on Thursday. Joining Vaden will be B.J. Mullen (Ohio State), Luke Nevill (Utah), Lee Cummard (BYU), Tasheed Carr (St. Joseph's) and Garrett Siler (Augusta St.).

Kind of funny to think about Vaden trying to work his way into the league while his former less-heralded Pike teammate, Courtney Lee is playing heavy minutes in the NBA Finals. One thing I've always loved about Vaden is his scoring ability, including a nice mid-range game. He's going to have to do more than score to stick with a NBA team though.

Not much to get too excited about with the rest of the prospects. Aside from Vaden and Carr, we're talking about project big men. Mullen is projected to go in the middle of the first round, but if you saw him play at Ohio State last year, there's no doubt he's a project.

Sounds like some more enticing talent will be in next Monday including Ty Lawson (UNC), DeJuan Blair (Pitt), Jrue Holliday (UCLA) and yet another former Pike player, Jeff Teague (Wake Forest).