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IC Cold Links: Granger Defending, Smooth Talk And More

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Here are a few links of interest as we head into a weekend full of great NBA playoff action:

  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web continues his analysis of the Pacers roster with a look at the shooting guards.
  • Sam Perkins joins the Pacers blogging fray with his initial post at Smooth Talk.
  • Mike Wells reports on Danny Granger looking to improve his game at the defensive end.
  • John Hollinger's latest should make Jim O'Brien smile since he defends teams that chuck up a lot of 3-balls. (HT: TrueHoop)
  • Andrew Schoettle reports on some solid rating for local sports talk shows. Dan Dakich is dominating the mid-morning ratings, although I think most of that should be attributed to Boyle (I kid, DD). I'm a beneficiary of the radio "wars" since the quest for great locally relevant interviews always provides good content for this blog.
  • Speaking of Dakich, here's an audio file of Travis Diener's latest appearance.
  • The latest Ridiculous Upside mock draft is up. This one is interactive so if you don't agree with the Pacers projected pick (Jrue Holliday) make your case.
  • Golden State of Mind always throws a funky party so head over there tonight for the SB Nation playoff open thread.