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Playoff Hype Heating Up In Atlana

I'm in Atlanta for a conference and drove into town while the Hawks were finishing of the Miami Heat. That allowed me to listen to the last half of the game with Atlanta's announcers. Play by play man, Steve Holman made some waves for his mocking of Dwyane Wade in Game 5 and thankfully the publicity didn't hold down Holman. He was in prime homer form as the Hawks ran away from the Heat and just the way Holman pronounce 'Dwyane Wade' every time he referenced Wade had me cracking up.

To his credit, as the game wound down, Holman made sure he heaped tons of praise on Wade. In the end, the only thing Holman is doing is having fun. It's a game. Enjoy it. He certainly spiced up the broadcast for me.

The city is fired up for the Hawks and LeBron to get back to town this weekend. I'll be long gone, but I'm glad I've been able to absorb some of the playoff hype. The jury is always out on former IU player and current Hawks' coach, Mike Woodson, but he earned plenty of praise today by laying out Jon Barry during a radio appearance.

This is the second time I've heard Woodson interviewed through his raspy, day-after voice. I keep wishing the interviewer would ask him to say, "I get 50 dollars to make you holla, I get paid to do the Wild Thing."