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Pacers Keeping Close Tabs On Lorbek and Barac

Bruno's latest Caught in the Web catches us up on Euro prospects, Erazem Lorbek and Stanko Barac. We heard about Lorbek's solid season last month but it is nice to hear from the Pacers' scouting department.

"He's only 25, he had a very good year, he's getting better and he's been playing at the highest level of European competition for several years," said Joe Ash, the Pacers' Director of Scouting, who watched Lorbek closely during the EuroLeague Final Four earlier this month in Berlin. "This was probably his best year. He had excellent talent around him and an excellent coach in Ettore Messina.

"In previous years he played more around the elbow but this year they used him inside and he showed a lot of effectiveness."

The Pacers will have to decide what to do with Lorbek after next season, but at least his value continues to increase. Even if the Pacers don't want to add him to the roster, his rights may be a valuable chip in trade discussions. 

Sorry for the light posting this week. After the holiday weekend, my wife had ankle surgery today so she's out of commission for a few days which has me running around to take care of Cornrows, Jr. and Kernel. I'm hurtin'.