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IC Cold Links: Waiting On The Indy 500 Green Flag

Looking forward to heading out to IMS tomorrow for the Indy 500 and all of the spine-tingling elements from the pre-race ceremonies to the start of the race and through the finish. Hopefully the area thunderstorms in the forecast will be isolated somewhere besides the west side of town.

Here are a few links of interest until the green flag drops:

  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web looks at the common 'gym rat' trait found in the forwards the Pacers have brought in for pre-draft work outs so far.
  • Post-workout video with prospects. Sam Young has an insane ouchie.
  • Thank you Anthony Schoettle for actually talking to a source about this story unlike several Canadian news outlets or the original story teller.
  • The conference finals have been unreal, so far. Not sure they can do any better than the game-winner LeBron James hit last night. Must see TV now moves to Denver and Orlando. Check out the all the coverage at Silver Screen and Roll, Pickaxe and Roll, Third Quarter Collapse and Fear the Sword.
  • Also, Skeets and KD are killin' it at Ball Don't Lie, as usual, and the playoff previews, reactions and behind the boxes are must reads.