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Pacers Work Out Second Rounders, Mike Dunleavy No Fan Of Star Trek

According to Mike Wells, the Pacers worked out a few potential second round draft picks at the Fieldhouse yesterday. Alfred Aboya (UCLA) Tyrell Biggs (Pitt), Jeff Adrien (UConn) and Tony Gaffney were the players sweatin' for the dream. Bruno offers up a sweaty (the players, not Bruno), post-workout interview with all of the players. Not sure, but Gaffney may PAY the Pacers to be on the roster so he can be around Larry Bird.

All four players appear to be active forwards, the kind of players who will have to do a couple of things well (preferably, rebound and defend) and give insane effort at all times in order to make the league. Depending on how the summer plays out, the Pacers will need at least one inexpensive front court hustle guy to add to the roster. So these guys may get their chance as free agent invitees to camp if they were able to impress the Pacers yesterday and the draft leaves them looking for a team.

Mike also mentions another round of athletic front court players is expected at the Fieldhouse today. That list includes Sam Young (Pittsburgh), Chase Budinger (Arizona), DeMarre Carroll (Missouri), Taj Gibson (USC), Ahmad Nivins (St. Josephs), and Brett Winkelman (North Dakota State).

Hmm, notice that the Pacers are working out DeJuan Blair's Pitt running mates. I wonder how much background info on Blair they're trying to prime from Biggs and Young between reps?

Also, Mike Dunleavy updates his blog and continues to sound positive about the way his rehab is going. He also destroys Trekkies after not enjoying the latest Star Trek movie.

At the risk of alienating some of our fans, you’re either a nerd -- in which case you like Star Trek -- or you’re not.

There were definitely a fair amount of people in that theater who live in their parents' basement and for whom a wild Saturday night is a large pizza, a two-liter of Mountain Dew and a Battlestar Galactica marathon with some World of Warcraft online during the commercials.