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Coming Soon: Mike Dunleavy's Knee Blog

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Bruno's latest Caught in the Web laid out a few offesason items of interest to follow which includes a couple of new blogs starting up over at Along with the unique stylings of Big Smooth will be blog written by Mike Dunleavy to chronicle the rehab and recovery of his knee.

Dun's knee blog will be called "You, Me and My Knee" and should be ripe with opportunities for overraction. Anyone have other suggestions for the knee blog name? I'll start: My Bone Spur Is Bigger Than Yours

Other links:

  • Mike Wells reports on Rick Carlisle employing a different coaching style with great success in Dallas. I will say there's a difference between turning over decision-making responsibility to Jason Kidd as opposed to Jamaal Tinsley. We all know that with Tinsley this could happen (when JOB loosened the reins) at any time, although it sure would've been nice to see Carlisle loosen it up more than he did with the Pacers.
  • Bill Benner lays out all of the finger pointing going on in the CIB funding situation and begs for the type of leadership and cooperation which turned the city around in the '80s.