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Happy NBA Draft Lottery Day: Do You Feel Lucky?

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The NBA draft lottery tonight in Secaucus, NJ will confirm the draft position of the Indiana Pacers along with the other 13 lottery teams in the NBA. The odds are long for the Pacers to move up from the 13th slot in the draft. In fact, Larry Bird isn't bothering with any good luck rituals since the odds of landing the big prize are less than 1%.

Maybe I have too much Irish in me, but any chance is good enough for me to dream big and get the lucky charms working. So, please join me and pull out your lucky boxers, t-shirt, hat, or trinket you hold dear and send all your positive vibes to the Pacers. Oh, and don't let the following probabilities get you down. It only takes one!



Here are a few links of interest to peruse while waiting on the draft lottery:

Feel free to leave you thoughts, good luck charms, positive vibes or pessimism on the draft lottery in the comments.