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Qatato Sues Jamaal Tinsley Over Conrad Shooting

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Jon Murray reports that Indiana Pacers' equipment manager, Joey Qatato is suing Jamaal Tinsley for the permanent injuries Qatato suffered when stuck in the back seat of Tinsley's Rolls Royce to survive a hail of gunfire outside the Conrad hotel.

Trapped in the back seat, Joey Qatato suffered gunshots to both elbows as gunmen opened fire outside the Conrad hotel in Downtown Indianapolis. Qatato's lawsuit against Tinsley and the car's driver seeks to hold them responsible for his injuries.

The suit says the back door's lock could only be controlled by the driver, and the men ignored Qatato's pleas as they fled into the hotel lobby.

"They knew he was back there," said Greg Hahn, one of Qatato's attorneys. "It was basically every man for himself. He was banging on the door. . . . It's a miracle he didn't get killed."

Lovely. It's been so long since I've read a demoralizing headline involving Tinsley I almost forgot how it feels.