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Pacers Press Conference Not About Granger?

UPDATE: is live streaming the press conference. Sure looks like an MIP trophy on the stage.


Hmmm. Kent Sterling offers a little intrigue this morning about the Pacers press conference today. Sterling is 1070 The Fan's Program Director and reports that the Pacers indicated that the press conference has nothing to do with announcing Granger's award.

Why would the Pacers make such a big deal out of Danny Granger winning an award?  Why would the Pacers tease the media with a press release about a major announcement, only to deliver the good news that Granger has won a well-earned award, but one that certainly does not mark the turning of the franchise's tide.
We have been told that the announcement has nothing to do with Granger's award.  "You have some bad information," was the response from Pacers media relations chief David Benner when we requested Granger for an interview with Dan Dakich following the presser.

Whoa. Stay tuned.