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Pacers May Be Looking Forward

Point guard and power forward have been the focus of any Indiana Pacers' draft discussions here or elsewhere. With Danny Granger and Brandon Rush manning the wings, the idea of finding a rugged power forward or point guard for the future seems logical.

At least it did.

After reading through Bruno's analysis of the small forward position, I realized the Pacers lack of depth at the wing positions puts the team in position to channel Bill Polian and take the best player available.

With Dunleavy out indefinitely, Daniels unlikely to return, Rush starting at shooting guard and Graham a free agent, the Pacers have a depth issue to address. Though concerns about his right knee caused him to slip more than 10 spots in the 2005 draft, Granger has been close to an iron man, missing just 21 games in four seasons.

I've been thinking that Graham would likely be back, but he is a free agent and the Pacers may not be willing to meet any offer he receives on the open market. While Stevie is a known quantity, letting him go and opening up time for another young wing with more upside may be the best long-term move. A rookie top pick, would actually be replacing Marquis Daniels, so if Graham doesn't return the Pacers will be desperate for wing help until Mike Dunleavy can return.

Most mocks have Gerald Henderson and Terrence Williams available around the 13 slot. A guy like Henderson is intriguing because of his athletic ability. Both Henderson and Williams can make things happen at both ends of the floor but don't have to score to make an impact.

I'd still prefer a strong, active power forward, but with the need at SG/SF there is no sense in reaching to fill a need with a power forward or point guard if the player isn't the right fit.