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Pacers May Play Preseason Games In China

In addition to Danny Granger's MIP award, the Pacers may have another announcement to make this summer.

JMV confirmed the Granger for MIP info for me this afternoon and also mentioned rumblings that the Pacers would be playing Denver in a preseason game China.

Big deal, right? A preseason game, doesn't mean anything. The team will probably be worn out to start the season, blah, blah, blah.

Actually, this would be bigger news than the Danny's award, considering where the Pacers were last year at this very time. The team was an afterthought with Jermaine O'Neal's cumbersome contract situation clouding the future. There was no juice for this team and the NBA agreed when they announced the Pacer-less national television schedule for the 2008-09.

Now, one year later, not only has the Pacers' situation improved but they are considered worthy of promoting the league to the world. That's progress.