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Mother's Day Draft Buzz Hearing Curry To Knicks's latest Draft Buzz (HT: Skeets tweet)is beginning to buzz with rumors, starting with Stephen Curry staying in the draft due to the Knicks coveting his shooting prowess. At first glance, the pairing of Curry and Mike D'Antoni seems like a net-splashingly perfect idea, but considering Donnie Walsh has always been the king of misdirection and misinformation, I pause to put much stock in any inside sources.

I'd love to see Curry in New York because he'd have a great chance to succeed. Plus, he wouldn't be around to tantalize the Pacers. Sorry, after watching three different Purdue guards  shut him down, it seems like every NBA team would be able to do the same.

Also, a quick look at the logjam of nine point guards projected to go in the first round.  Phoenix is reportedly enamored with Jonny Flynn which would make him a late lottery pick. If the Pacers go PG, I hope Flynn is their choice.