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IC Cold Links: Really Sick Of The Initials C. I. B.

Everyone has an opinion on the Capital Improvement Board and their $47 million shortfall but nobody is actually doing anything about it. Seems like the people who have ideas don't have to juice to put them into action and with so many parties involved, passing the responsibility around is easier than actually coming together to reach some consensus.

Here are a few links of interest to ponder after the State Legislature left the CIB hanging:

  • Mike Wells thinks the Detroit Pistons are in better shape for the near future than the Pacers, depspite Detroit being swept by Cleveland after a late season implosion. I have to agree since the Pistons are poised to let the aging icons on their roster go and use the heaps of cap space to rebuild. Of course, they still have to make the right moves in rebuilding.
  • Travis Diener has been appearing on the Dan Dakich show to give his perspective on the ongoing playoff action. Here's an audio link for Diener's appearance on Wednesday.
  • Erazem Lorbek's CSKA Moskow team plays in the Euroleague Final Four this weekend and the games will be shown on NBA TV and ESPN360. Draft Express has all the details including a little profile on all of the NBA prospect playing for the teams. Here's their take on Lorbek heading into the weekend:
    Erazem Lorbek - Lorbek’s rights are held by the Indiana Pacers still, but they haven’t shown all that much interest in bringing him over from what we can gather. Lorbek has had an incredibly productive season under Ettore Messina, and has established himself as one of the best big men in European basketball over the last few years. While clearly lacking great athleticism, Lorbek is capable of generating offense both with his back to the basket and facing the rim, as he has great size, a high skill level, and excellent touch. He’s not a great rebounder, but he is slowly becoming a better defender. In the right situation, he could be a decent rotation player in the NBA, and he’s definitely young enough to still make that happen.
    Even if the Pacers don't bring Lorbek over to play in Indy, his improvement may at least make his rights an asset another team may covet.
  • Speaking of revamping the Pistons, Joe Dumars is ready to get started this summer.
  • D Source makes the case for Danny Granger as Most Imvproved Player.