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I Love Watching Derrick Rose Play...Well, I Used To Anyway

Rookie point guard, Derrick Rose has been a pleasure to watch all season for the Chicago Bulls. Not only did Rose earn his Rookie of the Year honor, he announced his presence as a future star poised to carry the NBA through another generation.

Just as intriguing as his stellar play is the way Rose goes about his business. He's a silent assassin, combining an unassuming body language with a calm, quiet voice, which makes his burst of speed with the ball or his finishes high above the rim simply breathtaking.

So now Rose goes into his first playoff series against the defending champs and ho hums himself into an epic battle with Celtics' PG Rajon Rondo. His game hasn't been flawless but for a 20 year old rookie point guard, the volume of incredible plays and Rose's impact on the series has been monstrous.

Last night, though, something changed for me.

After absorbing the enthralling double-OT win by the Bulls along with the Cleveland Cavaliers mopping up the remains the Detroit Pistons, I realized I had to come to grips with a new era among the Indiana Pacers' Central Division rivals.

The old Pistons that we all know and loathe are officially done after the Cavs made them look like crash test dummies. Detroit could turn things around quickly and have the assets to do so, but they will likely be a team in transition next year as they use their cap space and young talent to re-tool.

But the Bulls? Well, they're set thanks to Derrick Rose, which is what hit me like a Quisy 3-ball attempt last night. I might as well start working up a lather of disdain for this kid now because he's going to be a problem for the next 10-15 years.

It's obvious that Rose has the goods, so any roster moves the Bulls make from this day forward will take into account how the player fits with Rose. The Bulls will continually tweak their roster in their quest for a championship, but the one constant will always be number one running the show.

Rose will be the type of player that makes his teammates better and lures veteran free agents to join him for less money. Yeah, this is going to be a problem.

At this point, I can only hope that Rose's great play will fool the Bulls' brass into keeping Coach Chachi around to run out strange playing rotations, use up timeouts and drive Bulls' fans crazy.  Although, in reality, I'm resigned to the fact that the Derrick Rose Era will be too overwhelming for any one coach to derail.

Nope, the time is now to start game planning to account for Rose. Oh, and GO CELTICS!