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IC Cold Links: Ready For The Weekend

Here are a few links of interests as we head into a big playoff weekend:

  • The NBA draft added some more depth with the expected announcement that Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington will leave UNC and Stepehn Curry will leave Davidson. All three are locked in the draft since Curry plans to hire an agent and Lawson and Ellington tested the draft waters last year.
  • Tom Ziller breaks down comments from NBAPA leader, Billy Hunter in a New York Times report on the players' side of the upcoming collective bargaining agreement negotiations. Sounds like Hunter is interested in more revenue sharing and audits of the teams' finances, which sounds great to me.
  • Speaking of finances, thisIndiana Business Journal story chronicles the large amount of public subsidies the Simon family has gathered over the years from Indianapolis which certainly makes it hard to sympathize for any losses they've endured with the Pacers.
  • Chad Ford sent Dikembe Mutombo a thoughtful email upon hearing the news that Deke's career was suddenly over.  Real nice. (HT: True Hoop)
  • I love it when I can point my kids toward an example of an elite player persevering through a tough night, not letting his relative poor play slow down his effort. Instead of crying about the last play, he's ready for the next play. Then after grinding through the tough game, BOOM! Game winner. Thank you, Deron Williams. Be sure to check out all of the great SB Nation playoff coverage.

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