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One More Thought On Tinsley

A thought occurred to me after reading this HoopsWorld reaction to the report on the Jamaal Tinsley situation with the Pacers. The item on Tinsley ended with this statement regarding Tinsley's preparedness to resume his NBA career.

Sources who have seen Jamaal recently say he is in very good shape and has been working out almost daily to stay ready. Tinsley had been hampered by chronic knee issues, which sources say have not been a problem and that the extended rest has done wonders for his body. Tinsley's camp says he simply wants to play, the Pacers say they are unwilling to even consider a contract buyout, so its seems unless someone wants to do both the Pacers and Tinsley a favor, this thing will get resolved in arbitration this summer.

A source? What type of source?

This could be someone who's close to Tinsley's reps who have seen him putting in the work. Ideally it would be a scout verifying his condition for other NBA decision makers. Of course, it could also be a guy holding down a bar stool at Tinsley's favorite watering hole.

What would really be nice is if THE source himself showed up on video working out. If he's really interested in continuing his NBA career and not just dribbling off into the sunset with the remainder of his contract, shouldn't his reps be creating a market for him? How about Tinsley "accidentally" showing up on video working out, showing he's in shape and ready to go. That would sure go a long way to making Tins easier to move since at this point all anyone has to go on is his past reputation which isn't a hard sell.