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Bird Confirms Tinsley's Days With Pacers Are Done

Cliff Brunt's AP story updated us on Jamaal Tinsley's status with the Pacers and it appears every AP outlet is running the story.

Although, the only new part of this saga is that the Pacers are waiting to see how the arbitration situation plays out. What isn't new is that Tinsley won't be part of the Pacers team next year, which Larry Bird confirmed on Tuesday.

“Later on this summer, we’ll probably go into arbitration,” Bird said this week. “Whether we win or lose, it’s going to be the same as it is now—we’re going forward without Jamaal. Hopefully, we can trade him before it comes up, but we’ll see what happens.”

ESPN's Chris Sheridan was on Kravitz and Eddie the other day and mentioned that the arbitration ruling could force the Pacers to allow Tins to rejoin the team. While that would certainly be entertaining for a few days, I can't imagine the Pacers wouldn't give in and just buy him out at that point. Either that or they could continually change practice times without notifying Tins.

Either way he won't play with the Pacers, again. So, really, nothing new here, move along.