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IC Cold Links: Pacers Reviews and Playoff Surprises

Here are a few links while waiting for day two of the NBA playoffs:

  • Mike Wells lets 'er rip in a Pacers Insider post reviewing the good and the bad from the Pacers season. I only take issue with his item on the Pacers blowing a chance at the 10th pick in the draft with their comeback win against the Bucks. Since the Nets lost that night, the highest the Pacers could've jumped is to the 11th pick and that would've been contingent on a 33% chance in a three-way drawing. The win also would've given them one more chance in the draft lottery.
  • While perusing Stampede Blue's incredible pre-NFL draft coverage, I ran into a great post from Big Blue Shoes on the state of the Pacers. Great stuff and I appreciate the kind comments.
  • Make sure you check out KD's Behind the Box Score covering all of yesterday's playoff action. As always, KD offers a succinct analysis which answers the hows and whys of each game's outcome.
  • SB Nation's team coverage for the playoffs was off the charts yesterday, as well, capturing all of the ups and downs.
    Winners: Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston
    Losers: Boston, Detroit, San Antonio, Portland