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IC Cold Link: And So The Offseason Begins

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Here are a few links of interest while digesting the end of the Pacers season. First, let me draw your attention to SB Nation's playoff hub which will keep tabs on all playoff related posts across the network. You can always reach the playoff hub from the sidebar.

NBA Playoffs Blog Coverage, Schedule and Scores - SB Nation

Other links and thoughts:

  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web constrast the end of this season with end of last season and finds only the team's record comparable.
    After bringing in seven new faces a year ago, they could lose seven this summer. It's another parallel that is nothing more than coincidence. Last year, the nucleus of the team required revamping, as did its image. Now, the core is largely intact. This is a roster that needs tweaking, not demolition.
  • Mike Wells breaks down a few action items for the Pacers this offseason.
  • Cliff Brunt reports on the positive vibe coming from the Pacers locker room despite missing the playoffs.
  • Ron Artest reflects back on how tough he was on Rick Carlisle when both were with the Pacers.
    “When I was with him, I had a lot of problems,” Artest said. “He really showed a lot of genuine care for me. ... He always came over and made sure I was OK, talked to me, made sure my family was OK. ... He knew I was an emotional kid. He always took time out to make sure I was all right. It was just unfortunate I wasn’t really listening. He taught me a lot. He taught me how to play intelligent basketball, taught me a lot about defense.”
    Just unfortunate? (Slowly shakes head...)
  • BallHype breaks down the numbers to review all of the NBA blogger pre-season predictions. My predictions weren't off by much although the team performed much better than I anticipated considering all of the issues they endured.
  • NBA scouts offer an early assessment of NBA draft prospects and how they're handling making the jump. This is perfect for Pacer fans since most of these guys will be among the pool of options at pick 13.
  • Syracuse PG, Jonny Flynn is in. I'm fully prepared to move Flynn to the top of my potential PG board ahead of Ty Lawson. Love the kid's guts, toughness and willingness to make plays. Plus, he'd be a flat out blast to follow thanks to his PR-primed personality.
  • Hoop Heads North has collected a few comments on the upcoming playoffs from the peanut gallery of bloggers with teams not in the playoffs.