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IC Cold Links: Recappin' A Pacers Loss With One To Go

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Here are a few links of interest from the Indiana Pacers loss to the Cleveland Cavliers last night:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE blogcast and Postgame Report.
  • Mike Wells reports on the Cavs taking care of business regardless of what the Pacers threw at them.
  • Mary Schmitt Boyer reports on the Cavs clinching the NBA's best record.
  • Pacers Noteboook focuses on Troy Murphy's 48th double-double. Murph is third in the league in 3PT FG% and second in the league in rebounds heading into the final game tomorrow night.
  • Fear The Sword is looking forward to the playoffs with home-court advantage throughout for the team with the best home record in the league.
  • In his Pacers Insider post, Mike wonders who deserves the credit, Jim O'Brien or the players, for the Pacers continual strong effort in the face of many setbacks throughout the year. Both, of course. We also learn Danny Granger wasn't hearin' the "LeBronitis" taunts from his teammates while dealing with a painful foot before last night's game.
  • Tony Mejia heaps a little praise on Roy Hibbert in the final item of his article yesterday.
  • Here are a couple of great reasons to go to the Fieldhouse for the final game against the Bucks tomorrow night: $5 seats and Miss America in the house.