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IC Cold Links: The Sun Always Shines After Beating The Pistons

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Here are a few links of interest to enjoy on a sunny Easter Sunday following a Pacers win over the Pistons. Regardless of where you are, if you're a Pacers fan a W over the Pistons will always put a ray of sunshine in your life the following day. Enjoy.

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE blogcast and Postgame Report.
  • Mike Wells reports on Jarrett Jack leading the Pacers to a win last night. This quote is reason #587 to love JJack:
    "Like I've been saying, the commitment you make as an NBA player is you play 82 games, regardless if you're playing for the playoffs or you're not in the playoffs," Pacers guard Jarrett Jack said. "You go about it in a professional manner, and I think that's what everybody is doing."
  • Bob Kravitz opines on some big questions facing the Pacers as they wind down the season and prepare for an important offseason. Pretty solid reality check to keep expectations in perspective.
  • Pacers Notebook offers info on JOB's desire to keep both Jarrett Jack and T.J. Ford as well as his plan to coach the remaining games of the season the same way he has all year -- with the intent to win.
  • Mike raises some additional issues facing the Pacers with the expected prolonged absence of Mike Dunleavy next year.
  • Chris McCosky reports on the Pistons winning streak ending at three in Indy.
  • Vince Ellis reports on the Pacers' point guards giving the Pistons problems.
  • Motown String Music measures the ramifications of the Pistons loss on their playoff standing.
  • Nate Jones thinks the NBA should revamp their revenue sharing plan before blaming player salaries for any economic woes.