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IC Cold Links: Recappin' Upgrades And W's

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SB Nation rolled out some site upgrades across the network that will make life better for you and me both. Among the upgrades are a photo use agreement, new team pages, new player pages and event pages. All of these new features will be tweaked and refined going forward but for an initial roll out is quite impressive.

Photos: SB Nation now has an agreement with the Associated Press to use properly licensed photos, which I look forward to using quite a bit.

Team Pages: Each team (not just NBA) now has their own page with content from around SB Nation, standings, injuries, etc. Here is the Pacers page.

Player Pages: Each player now has their own page as well. Check out Danny Granger's page

Event Pages: Game pages will have a collection of related stories along with box scores and links to other games around the NBA.

Here are a few links of interest after the Pacers win over the Bulls: