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IC Cold Links: Recappin' LA LA Late One

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Here are a few links of interest after the Pacers win Saturday night over the Clippers:

  • Jeff Rabjohns reports on Jarrett Jack putting the Pacers in position to win and Quisy Thabeet closing out the W at the defensive end. Quisy Thabeet? As always, Jack sums up the positives perfectly.
    “I think it’s even better that we had to go through some adversity to close it,” said Jack, who scored a team-high 25 points to go with seven assists. “We played awful in the first half, but we came back out, had a strong quarter, were able to cut the lead down, then guys really showed what they’re made of in the fourth quarter.”
  • Jeff Rabjohns puts Eric Gordon in the discussion for NBA Rookie of the Year.
  • Clipper coach, Mike Dunleavy appears to have some good news about the results of Mike Dunleavy, Jr.'s knee surgery

    "As far as I know, they didn't have to graft. Everything I was told, it couldn't have been any better."

    If a graft of tendon had been required, it would have been similar to what happens during an ACL reconstruction.

    "Those guys who have ACLs done, they'll take a third of the patella (tendon) to do the graft, and those guys are walking around and playing with no issues, so in a sense, this is the same thing without the graft," Dunleavy Sr. said.

    "It doesn't matter what the timing is as long as you have a full recovery. I think his issue was it could have taken up to a year if they had to do a graft. I'm not sure what the timing is now, but it probably cuts it down some."

  • Jeff has a couple of Pacers Insider posts, one about  key adjustments in the second half and the other about key adjustments to Mike Dunleavy's knee recovery.
  • Lance Pugmire reports on the Clippers trying to make sense of the rest of the season and what owner, Donald Sterling is demanding.
  • At this point in the season, ClipperSteve is happy to discuss the solid play of the Clippers during the first 41 minutes of the game.