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Granger Not Expected To Play On Saturday

On Jim O'Brien's radio show this evening, he mentioned that Danny Granger raised the level of activity in a workout yesterday and his foot didn't respond as hoped, so he wasn't expecting Granger to be ready to play in L.A. on Saturday.

Granger shut it down today, so you never know, he may feel better tomorrow and try to give it a go on Saturday, but at this point it would be more prudent to stay out. The Pacers will have two more days off before playing Utah next Tuesday.

Bruno's latest Caught in the Web details some staggering numbers from several Pacers who have stepped up with Granger and Mike Dunleavy on the shelf. I'm not sure which is more impressive, some of those numbers or the way Conrad slipped in 'cacophonous' to describe Troy Murphy's recent production.

JOB was also unsure of Travis Diener's availability for Saturday's game. He was dealing with some chest pain as a result of a viral infection he's been battling and the doctors in Portland didn't want to take any chances. The way Travis was playing, his absence was big in the second half.