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IC Cold Links: Recappin' Rip City Loss

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Here are some links of interest on the Pacers loss last night:

  • Jeff Rabjohns reports the Pacers lost opportunity for a big road win and a chance to seriously consider the playoffs again. Marquis Daniels sums it up.
    "I'm not big on moral victories," said Daniels, who tied his season high with 28 points. "We just didn't close out the game. That's the way our season has been going."
  • Jeff offers up Jim O'Brien's thoughts on rookie development in the Pacers Notebook.

    "It's very important to grow Roy and grow Brandon all year, and they've gotten a lot of opportunity to grow as players. They've improved, and down the stretch, growth is very important," O'Brien said.

    "But we're also in a playoff race. Plan A, win. Plan B, grow the young guys as much as possible. If they're struggling a little bit, see Plan A."

  • Jason Quick reports on the importance of that win for the Blazers' playoff positioning.
  • Jeff dumps his notebook in his Pacers Insider post acknowledging the good play from several Pacers last night.
  • Dave from Blazers Edge offers his postgame thoughts.
  • Ben from Blazers Edge offers his view from Media Row including a sweet picture with .7 seconds left and the game still in Jarrett Jack's hands. Only quibble I have is that  Jack's shot was not a clean look since he had to heave it to beat the buzzer after waiting for Outlaw to fly by.
  • Rabjohns sat down for a Q & A with Greg Oden. Man, I hope the big guy can get on the court soon.
  • Anthony Schoettle finds web traffic exceeding expectations. The reason for this is quite simple: Content is king and Conrad Brunner is the King of Content.