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IC Cold Links: Recappin' Rush Breaking Through

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Let's hope the play of Brandon Rush over the past four games continues through the end of the season and into next year. The kid has talent but if confidence is the overwhelming difference, what happens if it wanes, again? Hopefully the coaches continue to impress on him that his consistent defense should be his calling card and not to worry so much about the offensive end, it will come in the flow of the game.

Here are a few links of interest after last night's win:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE and Postgame Report.
  • Mike Wells reports on Brandon Rush finding his comfort zone.

    "That's the type of zone I'm in right now," Rush said. "I'm feeling good. That's why they drafted me. In the workouts, I showed I could beat anybody one-on-one."

    Sounds like a few people in the organization have repeatedly explained to Rush why the team drafted him in order to inspire some confidence.
  • Pacers Notebook finds a frustrated Marquis Daniels dealing with a wrist injury that continues to keep him on the sidelines. Also, how T.J. Ford and Travis Diener are handling the recent point guard shuffle.
  • Reader Darren emailed this Wages of Wins story with a statistical break down of Danny Granger vs. Kobe Bryant in reaction to Chris Broussard's story comapring the two. The analysis found that Bryant is much more productive despite their scoring similarities. Were the numbers really necessary. Granger should take it as a compliment that people are actually spending time seeing where he stacks up with Kobe.
  • Mike wonders what Brandon Rush's emergence will mean when (and if) Mike Dunleavy returns ready to play next year.
  • Michael Lee reports on the Wizards failure to pass against the Pacers.
  • Bullets Forever highlights a couple of crazy stats from the game. The Wizards had 45 free throw attempts (compared to the Pacers 21) and only 10 assists. That's a lot of driving to the hoop with blinders on.