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IC Cold Links: Waiting On The Heat At Pacers

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I'm  getting ready to crab dribble with the family for a little Low Country vacation. I may need some help putting up timely game recaps over the next ten days. If anyone is interested, shoot me an email.

Here are some links of interest this morning while waiting on the Miami Heat to visit the Fieldhouse on Wednesday:

  • Bruno's Caught in the Web offers up plenty for the Pacers to play for to finish the season despite the playoff slipping out of reach.
  • Mike Wells reports on T.J. Ford dealing with his PG demotion like a pro, trying to apply the lessons he learned from a similar situation in Toronto.

    "I know how to handle this situation better than I did in the past," said Ford, who was involved in a point guard controversy with the Raptors last season. "It's not a big issue to me. Just do what you're supposed to do, whether they put you in the game or not. It's your job to be ready and be prepared for whatever happens.

    "I'm not a person that asks questions or reasons why certain things happen. He's the coach and he has the right to make whatever adjustments he wants."

  • Jermaine O'Neal sat out Miami's game last night against Memphis to rest a bruised right hip. J.O. plans to play in Indy on Wednesday, though. Sounds like J.O.'s gearing up for a big night against the Pacers and then if things don't go his way, he can always grab his hip. Sorry, that's a bit cynical, bordering on mean, but I've seen this off-Broadway show before.
  • Pro Basketball News has the usual daily update. Don't miss Sam Amico's critical commentary on Stephen Curry's NBA prospects. I have similar doubts about Curry's overall games and actually watched quite a bit of his game last night against St. Marry's where he looked pretty good, well except for the 6 turnovers. To Sam's point, Curry still seems like a small shooting guard. Now Patty Mills? Bring him on. Love that Aussie PG's game. A bit streaky from distance but a great stroke that should continue to improve, but in general, the kid is super fast and makes plays, not to mention he seems to have a tough streak.