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Pacers Receive Another Kick To The...Calf

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Mike Wells reports on what could be good news/bad news situation for local sports fans.

The bad news is that Troy Murphy may not be available for the Indiana Pacers game tomorrow night against the Portland Trail Blazers. So with Danny Granger trying to work back into the mix, the Pacers take yet another body blow.

The good news is, if the Colts need a backup kicker or decide Adam Vinatieri's re-worked salary is still too high, they can always give Brandon Rush a tryout. 

Jim O'Brien will wait until tomorrow to to deal with it.

“I’ll decide that tomorrow,” Pacers coach Jim O’Brien said when asked who would start if Murphy doesn’t play. “We have options to go small. We’ll make that adjustment and worry about it when they tell us Murph can’t go.”

Just for kicks, JOB, how about giving Josh McRoberts a little burn? Really, what's the harm?