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IC Cold Links: Pacers Are In The Playoffs

Here are a few items of interest with another day off before the Portland Trail Blazers visit the Fieldhouse:

  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web declares the playoffs start now for the Pacers since they need to play with the urgency of a game seven to make a final push for post-season play. I felt it started with 18 to go when JOB said the team needed to finish 12-6. They are 1-3 so far, leaving little hope with their play in the past two games.
  • HoopsAddict caught up with Roy Hibbert and Jim O'Brien while the Pacers were in Toronto.
  • Wages of Wins digs into Danny Granger's value and finds his playing time at power forward makes him a below average player, especially considering his go-forward salary. Another solid indicator that the Pacers would benefit from more traditional power forward who can defend the paint and rebound.