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IC Cold Links: Waiting On The Pacers At Hawks

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Here are a few links of interest for your visual consumption while waiting for the Pacers to take on the Hawks tomorrow:

  • Mike Wells reports on Danny Granger hoping to play on Friday and how the team will work him back into the mix.
  • Much like last year, the best way make up ground in the Eastern Conference playoff race is to have a night off. The Pacers moved within 1.5 games of the eighth playoff spot last night thanks to Bulls getting thumped by Orlando. New Jersey also lost to Golden State. While the Pacers moved up in the race, they still trail four teams for the one spot. Plus, the Knicks pulled out an OT win to tie the Pacers in the standings.
  • Anthony Schoettle wonders if and when the NBA will do something to address the economic turmoil throughout the league.
  • SupersonicsSoul has a great post on the Pacers public pleas for cash resembling the initial steps which led to the Supes leaving Seattle. Indy will be in big trouble if the Simons suddenly sell the team to some wealthy jerk in Kansas City or, well, Seattle.
  • Both Teams Played Hard goes in search of Damon Bailey and Stanko Barac. One thing I know for sure: BTPH is the only place you'll find Bailey and Stanko together.