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Granger Continues Working Toward Return For Pacers

Danny Granger continues to work toward his return to the lineup, trying to rehab his foot back to a game-ready state. Prior to the game last night, I watched Granger put his foot through a workout. Assistant coach, Frank Vogel had Granger working on offensive shots involving game-speed lateral movement culminating in his signature step-back jump shot.

He was pushing at full throttle and it looked like the foot was working fine, but you could tell that while it looked okay, it didn't feel right. Forget the missed shots, it was the wincing and tentative steps after going through a series of shots that revealed Granger's foot is not at 100%, which he wants it to be for his return. At one point, he changed shoes and insoles trying to get a better feel, but by the end of the workout the problem wasn't with the shoes but the foot in the shoes. Still not ready.

Granger hasn't ruled out playing in Atlanta and he does have two more days for the foot to improve, but if his goal is to play when the foot is 100%, then I'll be surprised if he reaches that threshold by Friday.