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IC Cold Links: Recappin' More From Mr. Hyde

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Here are some links of interest following another bad loss by the Pacers:

  • Jeff Rabjohns reports on the Pacers still hurting from Caron Butler catching fire at closing time.
    "It was good defense. He just made a better shot," said Granger, whose 3-pointer with 15.9 seconds to play tied the score at 117. "He really got it going. He hit a bunch of shots that quarter with Jarrett Jack draped all over him."
  • Pacers Notebook checks in with Mike Dunleavy and his knee pain which has him questionable for Tuesday's game against Cleveland.
  • Rabjohns ponders the Pacers good win/bad loss balance in his Pacers Insider post and finds that Jim O'Brien has seen too much Mr. Hyde in his team this year.
  • Ivan Carter reports on Caron Butler getting well on the Pacers and leading the Wizards to a win. Butler tied his season-high with 35 points which combined with Antawn Jamison's season-high 34 points to dynamically do in the Pacers.
  • Mike Jones reports on the sick finish by Butler.
  • Mr. Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog takes us deep into the post-game revelry of the Wizards win. Makes me almost feel good for the Wiz for grinding out the W the way they did.
  • Danny Granger isn't considering missing the All-Star game to rest his knee.
  • Here's a story from the Jawa Pos in Surabaya on my post after Granger was selected to the All-Sar game. Here's a PDF of the print version. I'm not exactly sure what it says, but at least they spelled my name correctly.