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Shut It Down, Danny

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The Pacers have lost three in a row to sub-.500 teams (well, Philly was below .500 until they beat the Pacers), so regardless of what the math says, talking about the playoffs is embarrassing.

Any discussion about the Pacers today should center around what to do with Danny Granger and his lingering knee problems. Jeff Rabjohns paints a painful picture in his Pacers Insider post and the reports (here and here) from last night's game.

Granger is doing his best to play through the pain to help the Pacers do all they can to win games. But since they aren't actually winning games and the knee isn't improving, what's the point? At least it sounds like Granger may now realize he can help more by taking some time to let the knee heal. Rabjohns inquired about his thoughts on shutting it down.

"Maybe man, but I just don't like that idea," he said. "It might be the best idea, but like I said, we need these games. We're losing. I just can't take this time off, I don't think."

Yes you can, Danny. Take the time and get it right. If the knee issue is truly a bone bruise with no structural implications then a concerted effort to let it heal shouldn't take too long. If that doesn't do it, then maybe something else is wrong which would be nice to know before it gets any worse. Trying to manage the pain and playing until you can't jump every night, seems completely counter-productive for a 19-31 team. Shut it down.