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Tinsley Grievance Shouldn't Impact Trade Deadline

My initial reaction to the news that Jamaal Tinsley and Raymond Brothers are ready to file a grievance against the Pacers, was to question the timing of suddenly making noise two weeks before the trade deadline after staying quiet since the summer.

I figured any chance the Pacers had to move Tins was now shot, since any rational GM would just wait for the forced-hand of the Pacers to buyout or waive Tinsley. Fortunately, Kevin Lee improved the outlook for me today after I heard him on the radio a couple of times.

According to Kevin, even if the grievance was filed immediately, which is not the case, it would take more than a month to work its way through the red tape before an arbitrator was ready to look at the case. Since any team interested in Tinsley's services this year would need to add him to their roster prior to March 1st to make him eligible for the post-season, the team doesn't have time to wait and pick up Tins on the cheap.

Just something to consider with all the speculation floating around. Speaking of speculation, can you imagine if Tinsley ended up with Orlando? Tinsley would be a monster with Rashard Lewis and Hedo spotting up while Dwight Howard is lingering around the hoop, ready to finish.

Everybody loves Howard's smile, but if Tins started running that crew, we'd all get sick of that smile in a hurry because he'd never lose it.