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Granger Will Be 3-Ballin' On All-Star Weekend

Danny Granger will participate in the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout on All-Star Saturday Night in Phoenix.

Considering he's second in the league in makes and takes from 3-land, there's no doubt Danny should be in the field and it appears he's ready to go for the win.

"It should be a lot of fun," he said of the 3-point contest. "I'm thinking I've got a legitimate shot. I'm streaky anyway. If I get on a roll, I can probably win the thing. Who knows?"

That's a perfect scouting report which doesn't normally bode well in the 3-ball competition. Streak shooters, especially one's who normally employ a jump in their shot like Danny, end up running out of gas if they ever get going in the first place. But in this season of surprises, let 'er rip, Danny!

Chucking with Granger will be two-time defending champ, Jason Kapono (Toronto) along with Rashard Lewis (Orlando), Mike Bibby (Atlanta), Roger Mason (San Antonio) and Daequan Cook (Miami).

No doubt, Larry Bird will be in Granger's ear to keep Kapono from joining Larry Joe Legend and Craig Hodges as the only three-time champs. Whatever happens, it should be fun to watch. Man, it's nice to have the Pacers represented in the League's showcase events, again.