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IC Cold Links And Other Thoughts

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Here are a few lingering thoughts on the Pacers after the tough loss to Minnesota last night:

  • Everyone on the roster was available and healthy enough to contribute last night. Interestingly, Jarrett Jack played the fewest minutes of the year, save for the blowout loss at San Antonio. Regardless of his level of play from night to night, Jack has been invaluable this year for punching the time card and going to work each night. I'd love to see him coming off the bench for about 20 mintues a game.
  • Maceo Baston played significant minutes in the second half along with the starting unit. His activity on defense really sets him apart and has offered him a chance to play of late. He certainly helped the Pacers effort to keep a lid on Al Jefferson last night.
  • Skip the late missed three by Danny Granger and broaden your view to a little bigger picture. I loved the way Granger played this game from start to finish. This was a pro's pro's game from a guy who has to produce for the Pacers but is managing an injury. He really picked his spots through the first three quarters and then let it all hang out in the fourth. He also was able to get free for an attempt to tie the game without an ounce of hesitation. He wanted the ball, he got the ball, he shot the ball. That's a good thing.
  • As these types of losses mount, it is easier and easier to lay down any playoff hopes for this season. The problem is, no matter how many games they lose, the Pacers can't seem to fall out of contention. Last night Milwaukee, Chicago and Toronto all lost, so the Pacers remain in the mix at 3.5 games out of the 8th slot. But things get tougher this week with back-to-back games beginning in Philly on Thursday and then back home against Orlando on Friday. Hopefully, the roster can stay healthy so everyone is fairly judged on how they fit in on the roster as go-forward decisions are made.

Here are a few links of interest:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE and Postgame Report which includes a nasty stat of the game.
    Entering the game 11th in the NBA in free-throw percentage at .893, T.J. Ford missed four-of-eight free throws in the fourth quarter, including two in the final seconds.
  • Mike Wells reports on T.J. Ford taking all the blame for this loss as the Pacers stand still in their effort to make a run at the playoffs.
    "I blew it for us," the Indiana Pacers point guard said after his team's 116-111 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves at Conseco Fieldhouse. "I'm the best free throw shooter on the team and I blew it. I let the team down and it's definitely frustrating."
  • Don Seeholzer reports on the Timberwolves coming through late to steal a win and end their losing streak.
  • Kelly Dwyer gives Gomes TIme its proper respect.
  • Mike Wells wonders if the Pacers can make a deal for Tinsley in light of his agent pressing the issue with a possible grievance. Orlando really makes sense but as Mike points out, try telling that to Orlando. I still don't understand why Raymond Brothers and Tinsley have been mum since the summer and then with two weeks left before the trade deadline they come in an muck up the waters. I realize there weren't many if any, options out there, but there are teams in need of PG help.  What team would pull the trigger now, knowing they might be able to get Tins on the cheap after a friendly arbitrator's ruling.