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Pacers Don't Plan On Tapping Into NBA Loan For Cash

Considering the recent reports on the Indiana Pacers financial struggles, when I read about the NBA securing a $200 million loan for use by 12 teams, I figured the Pacers were a lock for a cash boost from the kitty.

But according to this report from WISH-TV, the Pacers aren't planning to ask Papa Stern for a little extra spending money.

The Pacers aren't one of the 12 teams taking the additional line of credit, which is surprising since the team said it's lost money in nine of the past 10 seasons.

A Pacers spokesperson said the team has never borrowed from the NBA's credit facility because the team uses other banking means.

The NBA won't specify which teams have signed up for the extra money. But the Orlando Magic confirms it plans to tap into the new borrowing. Like the Pacers, the Magic said it's been operating at a multi-million dollar loss the past several years.

Sounds like the Pacers are sticking to their own credit sources, although it seems crazy that the League can secure that much credit during the current economic climate, let alone the Pacers on their own.