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Open Game Thread #58: Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers

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Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers
25-30 23-34
February 22, 2009 - 12:00PM EST
Conseco Fieldhouse
Radio: 1070AM WFNI TV: Fox Sports Indiana
Probable starters:
Derrick Rose PG T.J. Ford
Ben Gordon SG Jarrett Jack
Luol Deng SF Marquis Daniels
Tyrus Thomas PF Troy Murphy
Joakim Noah C Roy Hibbert

Time for a little hoops with your Sunday brunch.The Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls lineup for a rare noon tip at the Fieldhouse today. The early tip just adds another variable to a game already stacked with unknowns.

Can the shorhanded Pacers put together another wonderful team effort? Will the Bulls be able to add new players to their rotation and still play well enough to win the first time out? Assuming the paperwork and physicals are done, the Bulls will utilize newly acquired Brad Miller, John Salmons and Tim Thomas. Well, at least Miller and Thomas.

Early in the season, rookie Derrick Rose was fabulous in leading the Bulls past the Pacers in Chicago. Kinda frightening to think what Rose is capable of with another 45 NBA games under his belt. Combine Rose with the active front court players available for the Bulls and they continue to be a brutal matchup for the Pacers. About once a week I catch myself wonderin how the Bulls are still a sub-.500 team. They have some talent.

Here are the Matchups.

For the Chicago perspective, check out Blog A Bull.

Gameday Reading

  • Mike Wells reports on the Pacers adjusting to utilize the players currently available on the roster. "We won't spread the court as much," O'Brien said.
    "We'll run more of a passing game where everybody is cutting and moving. You can't create what you don't have. We're going to use our inside game more, and that means using Roy Hibbert in the post. We're not going to be running a lot of plays where we're spotting up because that's not our strength all of a sudden."
  • John Jackson finds Brad Miller happy to return to the Midwest.
  • Brian Hanley finds Tim Thomas happy to return to Chicago sans Scott Skiles.

Leave your thoughts and observations on the game in the comments.