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IC Cold Links: Recappin' The Road To The Nowhere

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Well, nowhere isn't exactly true. The Pacers' ten straight losses away from home actually have them on a road to the NBA lottery. Since this is Trade Deadline Day in the NBA, you never know what news may break throughout the day. If you hear about something today, please use the FanPosts or FanShots to link up the info. Anything involving the Pacers seems unlikely at this point, but you never know until the deadline passes.

Here are a few links of interest to get your day started:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report which includes this lovely quote from Danny Granger on his injured foot.
    “I don’t know what happened. I jumped with that last shot that I took before I left the game, I felt like something popped in my foot. It’s so painful."
    Feeling something pop is never good.
  • Mike Wells reports on the Pacers losing a game and an All-Star. Larry Brown offer some consolation for the Pacers.
    "I feel for Indiana," Charlotte coach Larry Brown said. "I know we were tired, but they lose Danny and they have Dunleavy out. I thought they had a hell of a performance considering the people they had out."
  • Don't forget about Mike Dunleavy's lingering knee problems as well. Pacers Notebook can only offer uncertainty when speculating about the return of Dun to the lineup. Also some info on Sean May still seven pounds over the 260 weight threshold Larry Brown has set before he activates the former Bloomington North star.
  • Rick Bonnell reports on Gerald Wallace leading the Bobcats to a home win.
  • Rufus on Fire has a solid and sober recap of the Bobcats' win and their lingering playoff hopes.
  • Mike's Pacers Insider post wonders if the Pacers should pay off Tinsley once and for all or let the festering situation continue to, well, fester. Also, with the uncertain health of Dunleavy and Granger, the Pacers could quickly rise up the draft board.