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David Stern Comments On Pacers Financial Issues

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The Indiana Pacers are in the midst of ginning up re-negotiations with the Capitol Improvement Board (CIB) regarding the Fieldhouse lease. Out in Phoenix, NBA Commissioner David Stern commented on the Pacers financial negotiations.

"I don't want to make Herb Simon's time too easy here, but I will say I understand what they're trying to get is a small fraction of what was done for the Colts," Stern said Saturday night during his annual address of the NBA at All-Star weekend.

"I don't want to threaten something," Stern said. "I think that to say there's a rich basketball tradition in Indiana -- talk about self-evident -- and the Pacers have been a good booster of the state, played some pretty good ball and hopefully they'll be able to work it out. I sure hope they can."

This sounds about right from Stern. He has no interest in easing concerns of the Pacers' faithful that they're team won't relocate. His goal is to make sure the Pacers maintain any leverage they can muster at the negotiating table. So for now, he cuts the the core and pits the Pacers against the Colts. Nothing about the CIB negotiations is going to be pleasant and it will surely get far more ugly before it gets any better.

Also, there are 15 teams in line for part of a $175 million loan the NBA secured  and the Pacers must be one of those 15. So where does the money go? How are they losing so much money? At some point, the Pacers have to open up the books and show all the concert, game, concession, parking, television/radio and other revenue and explain where it all goes. Otherwise, with so much money involved, it just seems like a big shell game the public won't want to take part in.