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Granger's All-Star Weekend All Good

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I snuck away with the family and friends to Lake Monroe for a couple of days, so I have a lot of catching up to do from All-Star weekend. There's plenty to digest considering Danny Granger's involvement and some news that came out amongst the festivities.

First of all, it was just outstanding to watch Granger involved in the Saturday night show and the game on Sunday. Obviously, I knew it was going to happen but seeing him out there, knowing the leap he's made, earning it by working his way from NBA obscurity to the big stage, it was just wonderful to physically see the reality.

There are some great stories surrounding Danny's weekend that I'll link here. Jeff Rabjohns did a great job covering all the action whether it be in his Indy Star reports of their blog posts. Also, Phoenix Stan at Bright Side of the Sun took advantage of some hometown access and has tons of great posts from the weekend. So spend an hour over there for tons of great stuff.

In fact, I think I'll start with the Granger interview among the All-Star links of note:

  • Phoenix Stan caught up with Granger at the East's practice on Saturday. PS came away quite impressed with Danny after their discussion. I primed PS with some info, but my main question was with regard to Danny's knee. After Granger missed a couple of games with the knee, I heard Eddie White suggest that the knee flaring up might be a chronic thing and similar to the injury he had coming out of college which pushed him down the draft. This seemed ridiculous since this injury is a bruised bone below the knee and not the actual knee. Personally, I think Eddie was just trying to stir the pot a bit, but Stan went to the source for clarification. Here's the audio of Phoenix Stan with Danny Granger.
  • Check out Pacers Insider with all of Jeff Rabjohns posts from Phoenix.
  • Mike Wells with an exceptional profile of Granger including how he turned down a chance to study engineering at Yale in order to keep a basketball dream alive.
  • The New York Times spreads a little love Danny's way with an indepth piece that covers much of the same ground Kravitz did a couple of weeks ago. But that's, OK, can't turn down a big story in the Times.
  • Sam Alipour takes an off-beat look at the weekend highlights and has a humorous interview with LeBron James and Jay-Z. He also includes a little item on Granger earning some charity cash.
    Best Sounds: DJ Jazzy Jeff, former sidekick to Fresh Prince Will Smith, who rocked the EA party at Jackrabbit's ("Summertime," anyone?) and inspired Danny Granger in his NBA Live 09 victory over Jameer Nelson. (Said Granger, who won $10,000 for charity, "My defensive strategy is to let Jameer shoot.")
  • HoopsWorld has Danny leading the race for Most Improved.
  • Tom Knott profiles how Danny Granger made himself an NBA All-Star.